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AirBnb Hosts

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Smart Place

What’s Neat App?

Smart solution for hotels and properties - all information in one place! All their queries in a simple QR-code. No communication, no hassle!

Storage of info

Store information in neat Stickers

Hosts use Neat to create indexes. AI helps them with creative descriptions and Neat generates a shareable link/QR code Guests will access all the information they need via that link or QR-code: no need to install an app


Easily share your Smart Place or Stickers

Share with link

Send invitation via link for specific days

QR code

Permanent access for 24 hours


Why should you partner with Neat App?

Smart Home/Place

Create a Smart Home for your business right in the palm of your hand!

Effective user/app interaction

Help users locate different items and features in homes, hotels, malls and so much more!

Shared easily

Easily share your place with your customers, colleagues or clients. Then, step back and relax...

Time limit

When you share your place via link, you can choose the time period you want your customers to have access to your place. Safe and secure.

Time saver

Instead of spending a lot of your time answering guests and clients, you can now step back and enjoy your day.

Do you want to work with us?

Help users locate different items and queries in homes, hotels, malls or other businesses

Email us at contact@neatmanage.com

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